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Exploring Season 2 Episode 7

It was hard to be away for a week. I hated the two weeks we took off for Christmas. I know it made sense to do it, but I love doing this podcast. It’s easily the highlight of my week. Last week we had to step away to celebrate a birth in the family. Don and his lovely life Michelle gave birth to a perfect baby girl, Molly Grace Russ. Again, I understood the need to step away for a week and let Don enjoy his daughter, but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t miss it. 

Anyway, the extra time off gave me the chance to book a great show for our return. Jeff Passan was a hold over from the show we cancelled last week and was kind enough to reschedule for this week. Also, Pablo S. Torre from Sports Illustrated, the guy that written the last two cover stories on #silinsainity, was booked to talk about Jeremy Lin. Last but not least, Gene Wojciechowski was booked to talk about our book club’s book of the month, “The Last Great Game: Duke vs. Kentucky and the 2.1 Seconds that Changes Basketball. 

One thing I should mention before we get into some of the back story about the guests, Tuesday was the fist day ever that we recored the podcast in our new studio. We now officially produce the podcast with all Apple products with the exception of Don’s laptop. The new studio is in my house and Don and I felt very comfortable recording in what we are now calling, “StudioB” That name sucks and we would love to change it. Email us with a cool name. 

Gene Wojciechowski was the first interview of the day. Don hadn’t quite made it to the studio yet so I was on my own. Gene is one of the nicest guys we have come across in the thirteen months since we have been doing TSC. Gene and I talked about his book, chatted about Christian Laettner (who is from WNY), and I managed to sneak some Pearl Jam in at the end. I truly enjoyed Gene’s book and I hope we moved at least a couple of copies for him. He was kind enough to personally autograph the copy he sent me so there is no chance we will be giving that book away. 

Pablo Torre was the second interview and it was actually right after the Wojciechiwski interview. With Gene, we uses Skype to record the interview by dialing out with Skype to his land line connection. With Pablo, we recorded the interview Skype to Skype. The quality is a little bit better this way. The interview with Pablo was booked a few weeks ago. Since he agreed to be on the whole Linsanity phenomenon blew up. Pablo has written the cover story for SI in back to back weeks. That is pretty damn impressive. Pablo is a really cool guy the kind you could imagine having a beer and kicking around New York City with. He had some great information about Lin including how his cell phone number ended up in his rolodex. 

Sometime during the Torre interview, Daddy showed up. Don had a glow to him I had never seen before. The lack of sleep hasn’t caught up to him yet. After I finished with Pablo, Don and I started to get our segments recorded. We talked about Whitney Houston and Gary Carter during 3Things, counted down out Stanley Cup favorites in TSC10, updated the book club, and made our picks for the week. 

At around 8:00 we finally got a chance to interview Jeff Passan. For those of you who have been with us for the beginning… 

  1. My mom
  2. Don’s Dad

…you know that Jeff was the very first guest to ever appear on TSC. Since that day in January of 2011, a scheduling mixup had placed us outside of Jeff’s circle of trust. I reached out a few weeks ago to clear the air and finally Jeff Passan is back in the fold. Jeff is a fantastic guest and a brilliant writer. He called us from his car and you can tell his end isn’t the best quality, but never once did I realize he housed three tacos during the interview. That might not have even happened. How would I know? Anyway, Jeff shared with us his time at Red Sox and Yankees camp, discussed some of the big stories from the offseason, and predicted that six teams in the American League have a chance to make the World Series. 

Overall, it felt really good to be doing our thing, in our new studio, with baby Molly safely breathing outside of Mrs. Caster’s belly. 

I am excited for you guys to check out the show. You can find it on our website, on iTunes, or on stitcher. Last thing, stitcher actually game us a RT on twitter. Miracles do happen. I had no idea they knew we existed. 

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